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Lemon Bottle Fat Dissolver

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Lemon Bottle is a series of fat dissolving injections, marking a significant leap in non-surgical cosmetic treatments. This innovative approach stands in stark contrast to traditional methods like liposuction, offering an effective and less invasive alternative. Unlike surgical procedures that necessitate extensive recovery time and often carry a higher risk of complications, Lemon Bottle provides a safer and more convenient solution. It is particularly appealing to those seeking targeted fat reduction without the downtime and risks associated with surgery. The simplicity, effectiveness, and transformative approach of Lemon Bottle make it a standout solution in the field of body contouring. It is no surprise that Lemon Bottle is considered a game-changer in non-surgical fat reduction.


Lemon Bottle works best on smaller, more targeted treatment areas, including:


  • Face (double chin, jowls)

  • Arms (‘bingo wings’

  • Abdomen (stubborn belly fat, love handles)

  • Back fat (also known as ‘bra bulge’

  • Thighs (inner and outer thighs, buttocks)




Lemon Bottle is a type of lipolysis treatment. ‘Lipolysis’ means the breakdown of fats by a process called hydrolysis, a term which covers the release of fatty acids. This is why you’ll often find the terminology ‘melting’ or ‘dissolving’ used to describe these types of treatments – as they physically destroy fat cells from the inside out through triggering natural chemical processes which occur organically within the body.


It’s important to note that lipolysis treatments like Lemon Bottle aren’t weight loss solutions – they are fat removal solutions. They’re best suited to people who are maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regime and are close to their ideal weight, but are struggling with stubborn, hard-to-lose pockets of fat in certain areas.


Lemon Bottle’s solution is popular because it is highly effective and it’s comprised of natural active ingredients. These include:


  • Bromelain – Derived from pineapples, Bromelain is a powerful digestive enzyme which is often used in anti-obesity medications. It triggers fat breakdown whilst also having a powerful anti-inflammatory effect which reduces swelling and puffiness.

  • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) – Riboflavin plays an essential role in turning carbohydrates, proteins and fats into energy in the body. The body can’t store much of this water-soluble vitamin, but it is crucial for fat metabolism and oxidation.

  • Lecithin – A naturally derived fatty substance which attracts both water and fats – reducing cholesterol and maintaining healthy arteries, veins and blood vessels.


During treatment, Lemon Bottle’s advanced solution is injected into the fatty deposit area. It then gets to work under the skin, breaking down the stubborn fat wall before breaking down each fat cell, turning the fat into fatty acid. This is then taken care of by the body’s natural waste removal processes and will be flushed out of the body every time you urinate. This is why water intake needs to be at least two litres a day after treatment to help flush the fatty acid out quicker.

A full consultation will be carried out by the advanced practitioner before the treatment to check for suitability. A full assessment of the area to be treated will be carried out and then a price can be quoted depending on the amount of Lemon Bottle used. Prices start at £60 for 1 bottle. One bottle will usually be sufficient for the chin area.   

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