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Clinicare Carboxytherapy Facial


CliniCares Non-Invasive Carboxytherapy facial is a treatment where carbon dioxide is infused into the skin to encourage an increased flow of oxygen. Co2 is a naturally occurring gas in the body so it cannot cause any allergic or unwanted reactions. 

By infusing Co2 into the skin it signals our body to secure oxygen to the tissue in the area being treated and increases natural growth factors. Within several days after the treatment there is an increased natural distribution of oxygen, lymph drainage is increased and skin rejuvenation is achieved. 

The first results are visible immediately after the treatment: smaller air pores and wrinkles, brighter skin, fewer pigment spots, skin becomes more elastic and firmer. Non-invasive carboxytherapy improves regenerative processes in the deeper layers of the skin, so all positive effects appear on the skin within a few weeks.

Depending on the desired results a block of treatments is recommended and treatments can be every 7-14 days or once a month. The results of carboxytherapy are cumulative – improved results after each treatment. 

 This minimally invasive treatment can offer:

Reduction of fine lines

Tissue tightening and brightening

Skin regeneration

Elastin stimulation


Reduction of dark under-eye circles

Improvement in circulation

Improved lymphoid drainage

What does the treatment look like?

The skin is cleansed then a carboxytherapy gel is applied to the face in an even layer. An activator face mask is then pressed firmly onto the gel. The interface produces a specific amount of carbon diaoxide, which is infused into the skin. 

During the treatment the client may feel a slight tingling and the treated area can become mildly red due to the sudden deposit of oxygen. Within 5 minutes post treatment, the carbon dioxide applied to the skin is completely replaced by oxygen. The client can go back to their usual activities after treatment and no recovery period is required.

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Before and After

How many carboxytherapy treatments are needed?

Depending on the desired result, a series of between 4 to 8 treatments of non-invasive carboxytherapy may be requires and the treatments can be conducted once every 7 - 14 days. The effects of a carboxytherapy treatment are cumulative - with every subsequent treatment improving the results of the previous one. 

After having a course of carboxytherapy treatments, the average effects last (until you need the next course of treatments) 

2 - 3 months: age 50+

3 -4 months: age 40+

4-6 months: age 20- 40

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